About Peter (Old Munki) Wilson

I started my experience in martial arts and physical training, just after leaving school. After spending my time getting a few black belts in different martial arts and spending a lot of time in weights rooms, I realised I need to do things properly and by that I mean scientifically.  I have subsequently trained up as a personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach.  The strength and conditioning training (UKSCA) I have found the most useful not just for appropriate forms of “strength” training but also for focussing the support training for my health, maintenance and my own BJJ training.  I have also just recently realised that I am getting old (this was a shock) and I need to actually focus on my BJJ if I actually want to get good at it, as I have come understand the learning of BJJ is a journey. “chase the technique not the belt” is a good tag line for this.  So I decided to start making a record of my journey, my thoughts on physical and BJJ training, diet and the struggles of an old munki getting his grapple on, whilst also holding down a full time job, mortgage and staying in one piece (and growing old disgracefully).

Oh and just in case you were wondering why I called the blog old munki, it’s because my wife says I look like one, nice eh??!!

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