JT Torres in Manchester

I had the good fortune on Sunday to be able to attend a seminar by ATOS black belt JT Torres and Factory BJJ.  Additionally Mrs Munki was also able to attend, which makes life a lot easier.

The numbers at the seminar were limited by the host Factory BJJ to ensure safety for everyone participating.  I feel this also made for a better learning environment for those attending.  I have to say I really appreciated the smaller numbers.  It was really easy to get a good view of all techniques that were being shown and also to get JT’s attention to help you out when we were drilling.

JT was working on guard passing.  This was a great subject from someone is so good at their passing game.  He did say what he was going to show us was quite simple, but that’s because in a fight the simple stuff works the best.  I had to agree with that.

He mainly taught techniques from a couple of positions, but built on each one to give you a number of alternatives.  This really works for me as an Old Munki to take techniques on board, so I was pleased with this.  There was a lot of content, but not too much  for this Old Munki to take on board.  The good thing was that the techniques did fit in well with with some of the stuff I have been learning in class and the bonus was a way to deal with the lasso/spider guard, which is something I have had difficulty with when sparring.

Mrs Munki also appreciated the way he could break the techniques down so that as a new white belt she could understand them.  Plus he was really helpful in walking us through the techniques, whilst we drilling when we got stuck.  Mrs Munki really appreciated this and shows the quality of JT’s coaching.

We also had an opportunity for Q&A with JT and everyone asked some really good questions, about techniques, competing and mindset.  The answers JT gave were really interesting, if not painful for Adam Adshead when JT showed a little tweak to the body triangle, to make it even more “fun”.  I did like JT’s answer regarding competition mindset and how he deals with waiting between fights.

At the end of teaching JT took time with a number of people to roll. Mrs Munki was keen to do this and she did manage to get to roll with him.  For JT you could tell this was more of a flow roll, but Mrs Munki really enjoyed the experience, his control and the compliment about her strong fundamentals.

I have to say it was a great way to spend a Sunday morning and I have to say thank you to Adam at Factory BJJ for organising it and to JT for such an enjoyable seminar.

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