Everyday is a learning day….

Over the Christmas period I managed to start with a sore throat and progress it into a cold.  So this kind of screwed up all of my training plans for the holiday period.  I physically could have trained, but I didn’t want to pass on my germs (not cool) plus a number of people I train with are getting ready for the European Championship in January and the last thing they need to be around is a croaky snot Munki.

As I have gotten used to being side lined over the past couple of years, I decided to make use of my time with watching some videos.  I started watching the Ryan Hall Inverted Guard DVDs.  I have to say I do like the way Ryan explains techniques.  The explanations were very simple, which for an old Munki is very good.  I also found that some of Ryan’s terms, which despite not being politically correct, were not offensive but funny and I think added to the feel of the instruction.

The thing I mainly like about them is the way Ryan explains concepts.  The “expand and contract” concept for me was a bit of a revelation.  It was like another piece of the jigsaw was put in place, one of the edge pieces, that help get you started on your way.

Also he mentions a number of little movements that help a lot.  Not complex little things, but actually quite sensible and easy biomechanical actions that just make the techniques easier for me.  To the extent that I started seeing the applicability to other techniques and actions that I currently do, or more realistically trying to do.

I should point out that the DVD’s are not all about the inverted guard.  The first two are almost more of a set up to how to use it.  This is not a bad thing at all from where I am sat, as besides the other content being quality stuff it gives you an application or a way in and out.

I am aware that there are two big for and against camps about learning techniques off instructional videos.  I can totally understand both viewpoints on instructionals, but the content of these DVD’s really fits in with where I am going with my learning right now and actually what I am learning in class.  So it is really a very fortunate fit.

That is probably one of the other reasons why I am so positive about them.  They look like something I will be watching for a while to come; just so I can get them into this coconut I call a head and as I do see them as having a value in my current game.

Would I recommend them? Definitely, especially if you are working on inverting or spider guard as part of your game.  If you fancy buying them they are available on groundfighter website and at the moment I think there is a 40% off holidays deal.

Munkiheader rolling Final2


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