The last post of 2013.

“You are today where your thoughts have brought you. You will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

As the new year starts I guess I have spent a little time reflecting back on this last year,I
As an Old Munki I become a little reflective at this time of year, as my non Christmassy post last week shows.
Yes I have set myself some targets for the start of the New Year. As always targets are good no matter the time of year, to keep you motivated and to give you something to measure against.
Looking back at the last year which saw me restart BJJ after quiet a long hiatus, I can say I am pretty please with what I have achieved. I’m not sure if I am where I wanted to be, but I am taking the win. I am back on the mats, training regularly and maintaining my enthusiasm.
I think what I am most pleased about is not letting my physical limitations impinge too much on my training. There have been times when I have been worried, but I have been fortunate that my issues are not really that big and I have been able to realise this.
I am also fortunate that I have made new friends this year, as we all know BJJ brings people together and the people I have trained with and been coached by have made my return easy, hassle free and so much fun. So thank you so much to these people for what they have given me.
I don’t want this to turn into a long list of thank yous or it to sound like I’m giving myself a pat on the back. So I’m going to end this bit now.
I appreciate that a lot of people don’t have training as a priority and just like dipping in and out and that’s great. We all train at our own pace and in our own way. Once again having reflected on my own training (wow you could call me Old Munki Mirror at this rate) I realised that previously I have not focussed on anything for a long time. Taekwondo, Iaido, Muay Thai, Jeet Kune Do I have done them all got to a good grade and moved on. It is a bit late in life to realise this, but its never too late to start and I think that’s why BJJ is important to me.
I am able to integrate my training in a healthy way into my lifestyle. It also helps Mrs Munki enjoys BJJ as well. So I really want this to be the opportunity that I can get good at something, not bothering what grade I am, just enjoying the training and the journey. That is my long term ambition. Besides we all need something more than work to do, just so we can stay sane.

Over this year I have accepted that improving the flexibility in my shoulders is going to be a slow process, but it is improving with my yoga and mobility work.  I just need to keep on this and remember flexibility work needs to be done everyday.

Most importantly I am going to work on my post training recovery to enable me to keep up my daily training.  Getting a routine and relevant nutrition to help with this and this is something I will write about at a later date, once I have worked out what works for me.

I hope that the new year brings you all some focus and the ability to do what’s important and fun.

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