The Chris Haueter Show hits the UK.

Chris Haueter2013

Thanks to Carl Fisher for the photo

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a seminar by one of the Dirty Dozen Chris Haueter.  This is first seminar I have attended for a couple of years, because of the shoulder surgeries.  So I was really looking forward to this seminar.

The session started very informally by Chris explaining why he had to tape his wrist and fingers up. This was both a humorous and very relatable story, which set the informal tone of the whole evening.  So the night was kicked off by going back to the fundamentals.  Retaining posture whilst in guard was the starting point.  Chris managed to provide a number memorable comments to assist with recalling the key points.  This was followed nicely by some breaking closed guard techniques, which could not have been better for me, because this is something I have really been struggling with. So we were shown some tweaks and some new little things to improve closed guard breaking.  Mrs Munki who came with me was a little nervous before the event,  but she liked his relaxed teaching style as it set her at ease. Also because the first few techniques were something that were something she wanted to learn and they sunk in well.

After these first few techniques we progressed onto some passing guard and some control techniques.  This was all really good stuff, but it was the additional philosphical comments that put what we were learning into context.  One thing amongst many others he said was that jiu jitsu is an art about your guard.  Retaining guard or passing guard and then everything else branches off from this, which if you think about it is true.  This was just one of a number of insights that Chris provided during the session.  Also the additional interesting analogies that he provided to assist with undertaking the techniques in the correct way, helped with the learning process.

After all of the jiu jitsu activity we settled into a spontanous Q and A.  This turned into both a theoretical and historical time.  One very good point he made during this time, was that every time you get promoted you need to go back and  work on your fundamentals and that is why he had worked on that with us.  Once again this made complete sense.

I could go on and list the many interesting and very valid points and stories he recounted to us, but that would spoil it if you got the opportunity to attend on of his seminars.  One thing I would say is if you do get the chance definitely take it.

As a brief follow on from this I have been using some of the fundamental points Chris showed us and I have to say it may be psychological or for real, but I feel a bit more in control now when I roll. These few tweaks have made a great difference for me.

Thanks to Adam at Factory BJJ for the opportunity and Chris Haueter for the great content.

Munkiheader rolling Final2



  1. Sounds like fun. Love seminars where they go over the basics, just adding things to make them even more effective. Sometimes you’ll end up at a seminar where the guy teaches something really cool, but you’d never use it in training. Hope your shoulder is okay. Oss.

    -See you on the mat.

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