So for the passed few weeks I have been working on inverting.  As a 6 foot 3 inch guy going upside down quickly has not been easy.  One of the issues was the shoulder that I have recently (7 months ago) had surgery on wasn’t quite as mobile as the other one.  But I figured that the drills for inverting would do some good and help with the overall mobility and reduce some stillness.

I initially started drilling at home from a couple of you tube videos.  This went ok, but I was still finding it a struggle.  I happened to mention in a tweet that a needed to learn the berimbolo after watching this video.

My coach who I have privates with saw the tweet and suggested we work on it as it was something that he had specialised in over the past few years.  I agreed even though I was not sure how I would do this as my home inversion drilling hadn’t been too good.

I went expecting to struggle, but after some expert tutoring I actually started to get the movements down.  One of the things Adam said to me at this time, was that learning this technique would be good.  As big guys should learn to fight like smaller guys.  Siting Marcus Almeida “Buchecha” as an example of a guy who fights like a much smaller guy, which surprises opponents.  1. I am in no way comparing myself to Buchecha and 2. this is a really valid point. As larger fighters can be slower and a little less technical as we can rely a little on strength.  Where as if you use more technique and less strength I will be playing my game and not the same as my opponent. So this spurred me on to work on this technique.

So during the week I was in my garage practising the inversion drills, getting over the dizziness they initially caused me. Ready for week two of the training.  During this time I found out that that my berimbolo training had been the subject of Mrs Munki’s conversation with a friend at an open mat session.  They were wondering how someone as tall as me and with such lanky legs would cope with it. (I guess this justifies Adam’s comment).

After week two focusing on this, I have now got the basics of the technique in this Old Munki brain and I am drilling them and looking to integrate into my game when I spar.  I am hoping that I can surprise a few people with it.  I know from recent drilling I need to improve my speed with this, but from the  doubtful and nervous start I am starting to get the hang of this technique and feeling more comfortable inverted and to be honest actually finding it fun.  This is something I must admit I am surprised with and I have to thank Adam for.


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