You are what you eat.

I have done other posts previously about food and eating paleo (or as the cool kids are calling it now “evolutionary eating”).  I have been a great advocate of this way of eating for a number of years, ever since I did the Robb Wolf 30 day challenge and lost 14lbs without even trying.  I have strayed I’m not perfect, I do like ice cream and a pizza occasionally, but as these are infrequent I usually bounce back from any negative impacts on my body within 24-48 hours.

However I have just been to New York and my diet went out of the window.  I fell hard out of the tallest coconut tree and hit the tree on the way down.  That is how bad I felt after properly coming off my diet.  Mrs Munki had a number of restaurants she wanted to visit and most of them were either sugar based or wheat based foods.  Being a good husband, of course I joined in with her and then started to regret it within about 3 days.  I started getting some serious stomach pain and felt really lethargic. I also get the feeling that this also contributed to why the jet lag hit me so hard when we returned home to the UK. A weak body does not recover quickly or cope with stress well. The gut pain has remained with me on my return and I found it really hard to kick the junk food habit.

I have had to finally acknowledge what I already knew that you are what you eat.  So if I am eating poor food I will feel poorly!  At my age you would think that doing the right thing so I can enjoy my life would be the sensible and appropriate thing to do. Errmm nope the sugary draw of ice cream and chocolate has been too much and as a consequence I am not really healing.  So it is with the thought in mind that I am effectively hurting myself by doing this and every subsequent time I perpetuate the situation by eating gluten or sugar.  I have to give myself an opportunity to heal and recover.  Just as I would do after a hard training session.

I have adjusted my diet this week and have coped with the migraine detox headaches that I inevitably get, which stop me training.  I have written this to try and enforce my resolve with the matter as well.  As if I can go I couple of weeks without relapsing I can get the gluten out of my system and start to feel better and more alert.  This will increase my resolve and will have an ongoing effect to maintain my clean eating ways.

I think the take away (excuse the inappropriate reference) from this is that staying 100% clean living is something really hard to maintain.  But having it in place the large majority of the time, makes your body strong and gives it a good level of resilience against those infrequent times when you fall off the wagon (or tree).  But abusing your body with poor food takes away this resilience and is effectively like kicking yourself when you are down.

So please send some gluten free positive thoughts my way to help me over this initial hump.

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  1. Those detox headaches are the worst. I’ll occasionally fall of the wagon myself. True Bronx pizza will get me every time. And there’s a falafel cart on the corner where my wife works that calls to me.

    If I’d known you were coming to the city I could have suggested a few places in Manhattan where you could have eaten clean and the wife could still have experienced true NYC cuisine.

    1. Ahh I remember falafels. We are going back to Manhattan in February, staying in Chelsea. So if you have any recommendations for clean food it would be greatly appreciated. I really don’t want to have to go through that again.

  2. I always eat really clean when I am training for tournaments so that I’ll make weight and eventually the sugar cravings stop and I feel great but then as soon as the tournament is over I decide to splurge for a few days and it turns into weeks. It’s so hard to give up the bad stuff once you start on it again and the detox is awful. Even knowing this I can’t ignore the occasional delicious treat, I am Italian!

    1. You do have to treat yourself sometimes I agree. I just prepare myself for the consequences, it was just this time was really bad. The problem is that the things that cause the problems all taste so damn good.

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