Judo Munki 2.0

As you already know Mrs Munki has taken up judo to help with her MMA training.  The instructor she has is Sophie Cox a GB Olympian for two games.  Mrs Munki is really pleased with her coaching (and Mrs Munki can be demanding, as she was a sports coach tutor) so with a high quality coach sourced and a good facility, I thought I would give it a try myself. Just once a week to support my BJJ. Also after reading that Helvecio Penna was a judo black belt before  he started jiu jitsu at 31, it seems they complement each other quite well.  One other benefit is that it is something we could do together, as Mrs Munki didn’t mind me attending one class a week at HER gym.

Having attended a number of classes now, Sophie is really good and patient as a coach which is something I value.  The physical nature of judo is good for building up my strength. Also I can see where the judo will fill and compliment the gaps I have with my jiu jitsu. A knowledge of grips and take downs is something I am lacking at the moment. Plus judo is played more assertively than I am used to practising my jits, so I figured that this is a good way to modify my mental state.  Something I have acknowledged I need to do something about in my last post.  Not going all psycho or anything but just playing a more assertive game.

I see the judo as very much a fun thing as it is a little easy to learn and much more instantly gratifying than jiu jitsu.  In my first lesson I learnt how to throw someone.  Making that nice loud slap with someone feels really cool straight away.  Its a bit like a reward after a week of very technical jib jitsu.

Also after speaking to one of the higher grades at my BJJ school who also does judo it has reasserted that the effort is worth it.  He also pointed out that he has also competed in a few Judo competitions and has done pretty well at them.  I do think that when I eventually dip my toe in the pool of competition being confident at takedowns will definitely not do me any harm.  Plus as most of my sparring starts on the ground, I do need to learn how to start the fight on my feet and take it down to my benefit.  This was particularly highlighted when my judo coach competed at her first no gi competition.  Her takedowns were really powerful and even winded one opponent so much that they tapped out.  I’m not expecting this kind of result, but having this extra skill in my pocket will be a slight advantage.

One other thing I like about the session is having a female coach.  It really eases the testosterone on the mats.  The guys are there to learn and not go all Alpha, as ego centric guys would not want to be coached by a female.  So this is really cool, I can get a lot out of that single hour a week.  If you get an opportunity yourself I would really recommend it.

Munkiheader rolling Final2


  1. Judo is awesome. I agree with all of your reasons. Mostly the “it’s fun, you get to throw people!” But also the more technical reasons. Especially aggressiveness training.

    My judo coach tells all the BJJ guys when they start: “how long do you get on the ground in a BJJ comp? 5 min? In judo, you get 30 seconds. You have to be fast and you can’t be deliberate and planned and reactionary like in BJJ. You have to go for it.”

    But hell, I love it all. I just love judo a little more.

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