Drill to Win

Over the past few weeks my coaches have been focusing on hook flips and butterfly guard.  This is great because an arthritic gibbon could pass my butterfly guard, so it was a great opportunity to improve a weakness.  I have been shown some really good techniques and have been able to perform them reasonably well.  However, yes there is always that banana skin that brings you to a thudding halt.  I have noticed that I struggle to roll over my right shoulder.  Now this may have something to do with the fact that this is the one I had the surgery on six months ago and things aren’t very flexible in there yet.  But it still doesn’t stop me from looking totally weird when I try the technique.  Left side  “Yeah that went ok” right side “Err what happened there?”

So this was another aspect of my game that drilling could help.  The more I do the techniques that are limited by my shoulder, the more it will improve the flexibility and movement potential, surely? As an Old Munki my body movement and control really does need some extra work.  I am sure when I was younger I would have picked these things up with no fear.  But older more scarred and cautious they take actual work.  This is not a problem I anticipated that I would have to put work in to just being able to move properly.  I may be old but I’m not the sort of person to be blind to a challenge.

So away I went for an hour or so in the privacy of my garage, so no one can see that this Munki can’t move.  I have been doing this for a few weeks now and I must admit some stuff if not everything has improved, but my confidence has improved.  As well as feeling more comfortable rolling over my shoulders. I am now also including some inverted drills to improve this aspect.  When I try these when sparring it is sheer luck more than skill that I get anywhere with them.  I am also being very generous to myself when I describe what I do currently as inverted.  One funny thing I have found when doing these drills is that I start to feel almost sea sick by the end.  This also happens when I do any inverted postures at yoga.  Not a nice feeling, but I’m guessing that I have to get used to the position more and this will pass. Or at least I’m hoping it will!

Munkiheader rolling Final2

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