Not quite the big bang theory.

Having been back at training a short while I have now finally started rolling again.  A big part of this was the positive experiences I had with each of my partners.  I pointed out about my bad shoulders and the guys were great with me.  They still whooped my ass but at the end of each tap I was still smiling.  It really was a good reminder of where I have to get back to prior to my surgeries.  I know I have a lot of catching up to do. But that’s not an issue it gives me a target to motivate my training, which has served me well in my other training.

Whilst writing this I happened to read another blog post by Liam Wandi which you can find here.  He is a super nice guy (Mrs Munki’s coach) and has a training philosophy that I can happily relate to. This, along with the Marcelo Garcia video (below) included in the post got me thinking.

I do need to approach my training as a learning experience, as well as just fun to get the most out of each one. I do have points to take away from each session, but application in rolling is different to learning a technique in class. Personally I then have to learn to practically apply it too. I had started to consider what I was doing/not doing in rolling.  The list includes, controlling the inside space, not over extending myself and stay relaxed.  But also considering these other points I have realised I need to apply my game more.  Not just defend and see what happens, but try and apply my knowledge and see what works and how to adapt.  Some of that self experimentation I have been posting about previously would not go amiss here.  Thinking about what Liam said it is just a scientific approach of trial and error, learning from my mistakes and not just flailing around trying to defend myself.

Now all of this could sound like I’m taking things a bit too seriously, but I have quite the catch up game to perform. My big break from the mats, has left me feeling a little bit of a fraud whilst wearing a blue belt.  This is a bit of a self indulgent personal issue I know and I am doing the wrong thing comparing myself to others.  However I know in myself that I am currently not performing to my expectations and this change in attitude/focus/psychology call it what you want, might just take in the direction to improve this.

I do acknowledge the positives in each class and I am being negative about my situation. Understanding what comes next in the experiment and having the self awareness and the desire to improve are what are important at this stage and the rest will flow. A bit of Old Munki philosophy there.

Munkiheader rolling Final2



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