Judo munki

So I have actually convinced Mrs Munki to start training BJJ, yessss. Or as she puts it “turned her to the darkside.” This is because she was a Muay Thai munki for a good number of years and thought this was the best thing since coconut water. Her motivation for the change in attitude is because she wants to do an MMA fight before she hits 40 and she realised that learning a ground game is going to take her a while. So she has been training both BJJ and Judo for about a month now and it is interesting to listen to talk about her training.
To begin with she was very hesitant about the training and felt like she was “betraying” her Muay Thai instructor and she wasn’t convinced about how well things would stick. The Judo was easier for her to grasp initially. As the following weeks progressed, she was starting to enjoy not being punched in the face so much and was starting to grasp the BJJ techniques (helped by some instructional). She was also seeing the overlap between the Judo and the BJJ, which she liked.
She did come up against some niggles that are going to take time. Like the male class members really trying to avoid partnering her. (she experienced this in Muay Thai so it’s nothing new) So she would have to grab someone and tell them they were her partner. The other thing was that her partners were too gentle with her. I explained that is not necessarily a female thing, I’ve had experiences of where training partners have put up little or no resistance. When what you actually want is about a 70% resistance to help the technique work.
She also is now starting to relish the learning involved. She is an academic person and the learning challenge is very different from Muay Thai. I think the way we discussed it was with Muay Thai there is a right and a wrong way to do stuff. Being a striking sport, do it wrong and it hurts you, do it right and it hurts your opponent. With BJJ there is a right way to do a technique, a better way to do the same technique and how you do the technique so it works for you. A bit like the levels of learning :
Unconscious Incompetence (You get stuff wrong but you don’t know enough to put it right)
Conscious Incompetence (You still get it wrong, but realise its wrong and try and correct it)
Conscious Competence (You are getting stuff right but have to think about what to do)
Unconscious Competence (The Flow, it all just works)

I hope that bit made sense? Its the way I see it anyway

So after four weeks she has started a weekly private BJJ lesson, bought her first gi and is planning her next (Storm Kimono) and is planning when she will be ready for her first Judo comp. Yes she is very enthusiastic, but after the physical battering she was getting when she trained previously this feels easy and fun. Plus I have the benefit of her coming home happy and not in tears, like she did when she first started Muay Thai. Plus we get to have training holidays now…bonus!

Munkiheader rolling Final2


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