Self experimentation is not something rude

This was prompted by a talk I attended last night by a guy called Barefoot Ted. If anyone has read the book “Born to Run” he is one of the people featured in the book and a massive advocate of barefoot running, hence the nick name.

There was a part of the talk that really stuck home with me and where I am at right now. It was when he was talking about his first steps into barefoot running and it was about experimentation and find out what was right for him. But also as homo sapiens we are a species of experimenters and that is why we achieve and move forward. This experimenting attitude is undeniably true but I do believe this is something as we grow older we forget. I know I did, as this is just now something I am trying to rekindle. I don’t know whether as you grow older you become less of a risk taker and more conservative. Or whether you just start to believe what you are told by the media as to what is the “right way”. I’m not sure what it is. All I have realised now is that I am my own individual and need to find what works for me; my body, my psychology and my happiness.

So looking at experimentation, my very first experiment was a couple of years ago when I tried the Paleo Diet. I read about it seemed to have scientific merit, compared to the others I was looking at so I tried it. What did I really have to lose? It was the best choice I ever made. For the first time since I was a teenager I had a flat stomach. I lost about 20 pounds in weight without even trying. I was still eating when and how much I wanted, but this way of eating worked for me. I have stuck with it and see constant benefits. So that was a definite thumbs up for experimenting without me even realising what I was doing.

More recently I have been trying to make a conscious effort to experiment with my life.  A guy that has inspired by in this is Tim Ferris the author of “The Four Hour Body” and other books. In his books and his videos he challenges the scientific theories and the anecdotal theories to see which actually work. Then explaining how he practically applied them.  A lot of what he says makes sense.  His view is if something doesn’t work for you, think outside of the box and go against convention.

I have started to reflect this thought process onto my training, as I have physical “limitations” due to my osteoarthritis and surgeries; I just need to find what works for me. I have personal training, strength and conditioning and lots of other qualifications and experiences. So I know the scientific processes, which does have positives and negatives when experimenting. As I know what I should be doing, but is that going to benefit me? I really have to push myself to think outside of the norm. To just try something and see what happens I have been finding a little difficult in some areas.

My main current target is to reduce the impact of my physical issues and at the same time improve physically, which at my age as on old munki, in not supposed to be that easy. (Ah coconuts to that!) As you can see my last couple of posts have been about me experimenting with supplements to achieve this. Showing the ones that have been successful and the ones that bombed.  I am also currently looking at my physical training, as to what is the most specifically beneficial for me right now, in the long term and for my BJJ.

In addition to the supplements, I been working with high intensity interval training, yoga, endurance training, along with reviewing the actual exercises that I perform and how I do them. I do think that this application and evaluation process is effective and has been benefiting me. I will let you know how these processes go.

Does anyone else consider themselves and experimenter munki? Let me know I would be really interested to know what you have done.

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