Mr T(estosterone) says……..

I have been back at the gym finally and after my prolonged break, I am concerned about actually building any muscle back.  Especially in my shoulders.  So being the type of old munki to do a bit of research to try and find a solution, I went on Google.  The main thing that concerned me, was that due to my long period of inactivity my testosterone levels would have dropped, to that of 10 year old girl.  Its bad enough being an old munki and the issues that brings to my T levels. (yes I got sick of typing out testosterone)

I managed to find a supplement that actually had some scientific evidence, to back up that it improves testosterone levels. The supplement I found was Bulbine Natalensis.  I managed to find this article which is quite an in depth scientific review of the product.  In summary it does say it works, but it does have an effect on your kidneys and liver so needs to be cycled.  As with anything that supports something your body naturally does, you do have to cycle otherwise your body has no need to keep up its natural processes.

Having read this I thought “fair enough, just be smart and see how it goes”.  I bought some and stuck to the suggested dosage. For the first week I did not really notice anything, but moving into week 2 I noticed my body was starting to thicken up, which I was pleased about.  Especially as I had lost so much weight post both the operations.  I have put on about 4 kg (9 lbs) in weight and with a 4 site calliper measurements I calculated I have approximately 20% body fat.  Admittedly I would like to half this, but that is the next stage and I am sure this will happen when I am able to hit the mats.  One thing that really highlighted that this thing was working, was my change in mood.  I did notice it affected my aggression.  I would fire up a little quicker than previously.

I have stopped taking this at the moment, as obviously you are supposed to cycle.  Besides the cycling the main reason I stopped is I am not a body builder and I was simply looking to give my body a boost.  I would do it again whilst I am recovering, but it something I would do for two or three cycles maximum.  By this time I will be back on the mat and into my strength power and not necessarily size (hypertrophy) building programme.

Following my own experiences with this supplement I found this post on another forum, about another guy who had similar experiences to me.  One thing I would say is I agree with the findings of the poster (Russianstar) to stick to 3 week cycles.  Some articles and suppliers suggest you can go to 4 -8 week cycles.  I think this is too long especially with the negatives that can go with it.

I would be interested to hear from anyone has tried it themselves and the effects it has had for them.  As always if you have any questions let me know.

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