Supplementary recovery support for the Old Munki Part 2

I wrote an original post a while ago about the supplements I started taking for the recovery of my shoulder operation.  You can find part one here.  So I thought it was time to give an update as to the usefulness of the various powders and potions I have been taking.

So lets start with HMB (Beta hydroxy beta methyl butyrate) this is supposed to slow down muscle breakdown.  We I did experience some muscle wastage on my shoulder.  Not as bad as previously, but number 2 wasn’t immobilised for as long as the first one. Decision on whether it worked? Possibly but as I can’t be conclusive, I doubt I’ll be splashing my banana money on any more.

Collagen tablets, well these definitely didn’t work.  These were supposed to help my skin as well as my shoulder joint.  No changes to the old munki skin. Plus when I went periods not taking them, I didn’t notice any improvement when I started retaking them.  So I’ll finish off my current supply, but I’m not getting anymore.

Krill oil, actually this did ease the pain in my shoulder.  However no more than the Fish Oil capsules I got from Costco. So yes they did work, but for the price there are cheaper alternatives that are just as effective.  I am keeping up with the fish oils, they are reasonably priced and do have an effect.

Glucosamine Sulphate I have not been taking this for a while and I can’t tell any difference to when I was taking it.  So once again as far as the noticeable effects go, this was a poor result.  As a consequence I will not be buying any more.  Even Arthritis Research UK says ” It’s been tested in many trials, but the evidence for its effectiveness is mixed.”

Coconut Oil is one of the few I will be continuing with.  I think this worked well with the fish oil as it did seem to ease the “pain” in my shoulder.  I am aware that coconut oil is supposed to be good for overall body inflammation and it did live up to the hype. Plau out of all of the supplements tested it was the cheapest.

I have kept up with with my clean paleo style diet.  I have the odd cheats here and there as I’m only a munki after all.  I do think this played a big part in my recovery too. As on the cheat days the next day my joints, especially my shoulders felt sore.  I do not think this was psychosomatic, as there was other physical occurrences that shows how a bad diet can affect me negatively.

So in conclusion the oils have worked pretty well and eating a mainly clean diet.  The additional powders and pills had no effect and I would definitely not advocate.

Now I am able to get back in the gym, but unfortunately not on the mat yet I have started to try something new and I’ll explain that in my next post.  If I don’t split it up this will become a mega (boring) post.

Munkiheader rolling Final2


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