Do you live or do BJJ?

I love listening to the Open Mat Radio podcasts. They have interesting guests and I get some interesting insights from the best in BJJ. One thing that does keep reoccurring in discussion with guests is that Jiu Jitsu is not something you do it’s something you live. Well on my drive to work, this actually got me thinking, which one would apply to me?

My shoulder surgery, my change in fitness training, my change in diet and even this blog have all been motivated by participation in BJJ.

A large number of the positive changes that have happened in my life over the past few years have been initiated to improve my BJJ. So there is no denying the impact that BJJ has on my life in such a very short period. But the original question is “do I do or do I live BJJ?” I am not sure if I could say to someone at this stage, as part of a conversation that “I live BJJ” without feeling a little pretentious, despite everything I have gotten out of it.

The actual reality of this was highlighted to me recently when discussing why I had started yoga with a girl at the class. I started the explanation with “I do BJJ…” as part of what motivated me to start yoga. After the class on my way home, I starting thinking about the conversation in relation to the podcast and the questions it raised for me. Despite the impact BJJ has had so far I feel in myself that to truly say that “I live BJJ” I would have to had spent more time on the mat. Otherwise it would feel I am being dishonest to myself and to the person I am talking to.

I could not honestly say right now when I would be comfortable saying “I live BJJ”.  When I’m a black belt maybe, but that then associates it with rank and to be honest I’m not that bothered about the belt.  Its the learning experience and what goes with it.  The path not the destination, to sound almost spiritual.  It’s another one of those situations of when the time is right I’ll know.

I really hope this randomness makes sense.

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  1. Yes. Makes Sense. I think of jiu jitsu as a hobby. I love to train in it and study it. I devote 10 hrs. or more a week to jiu jitsu, either training or studying it. To me, there are things much more important: family, friends, health, job ….. I live for the sake of living. I enjoy life and all it has to offer, one of which is jiu jitsu. Jiu Jitsu does not define me. I define my jiu jitsu.

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