Balancing is fun…..

I have previously written about having “play” in your life and how important this is. I have started to get my life back together after the surgery and do the stuff that I enjoy.  At weekend I actually got to use my balance board.  I bought it whilst I was off with my first shoulder surgery after reading the Andre Galvao book Drill to Win. In the book Andre recommends an Indo Board Balance Trainer.  However I can’t afford one of those guys so I looked for a slightly cheaper alternative

 I successfully found with a Groundswell Balance Board It was well made and for the price, far more justifiable than the Indo Board version.

I finally decided I couple of days ago to start using this.  Partly for the fun of it and partly for the co ordination and balance benefits it will give my jiu jitsu.  I have to say it was great fun.  At little frustrating at first, as I spent more time as a see saw than balancing.  I did start to get the hang of it pretty quickly, which then led to the fun. How long I could balance, how I could move my feet to maintain my balance.  All really useful stuff, but hugely entertaining. It was pretty challenging but really made me laugh and was very enjoyable. I was forced to put it away by Mrs Munki who actually wanted to leave the house that day.  I had been on it for nearly an hour and hadn’t realised it.  I am so pleased I bought it all those months ago, as I had not realised how much fun it was going to be.  It’s something I can do at home whilst Mrs Munki is watching Glee, Vampire Diaries or something similarly inspiring.  If you can get something similar cheap enough I would so recommend it!

Munkiheader Final2

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