Rate your heart – 10 out of 10

Another step in my recovery is my strengthening and conditioning programme as I have already mentioned. I am getting to much of an Old Munki to be flogging my self to death in a gym. So it’s time to train smart and not just hard. To this effect I am working a targeted weight lifting programme, but my main focus for this post is my conditioning programme.

My conditioning basically revolves around High Intensity Interval Training. I start with a couple of rounds of longer intervals, finishing off with a few rounds of Tabata protocol. Just in case you don’t know what the Tabata Protocol is,Izumi Tabata, its inventor, is a Japanese professor and pioneer of sports science whose research in the mid-1990s showed that high-intensity exercise in 20-second bursts separated by 10-second rests achieves more in four minutes than an hour-long slog on an exercise bike. Which obviously fits great into my Old Munki ethos of not spending a lot of time in the gym. The scientific research stuff for those of you that like that sort of thing is here. Now for this to work you have to do it at a suitable level of intensity. To achieve the appropriate level I use my heart rate as a basis. I had tried a heart rate monitor before, but it wasn’t a great one, so I just junked it.

After going on a site 8 Weeks Out I realised how useful a heart rate monitor could be if you got a decent one.  He has even put up a nice little video about how to use your heart rate monitor properly.

So by using the heart rate monitor I am able to make sure I am in the optimal target training zone whilst training.  So I can get the most out of my 30 – 40 minutes in the gym.  Plus the intervals work in well with my rolling rounds.  So keeping it sport specific and relevant to my BJJ training. Obviously it generally keeps me fit and healthy, but is relevant to my BJJ a lot easier and quicker than a long slow run. Plus it fits well into my periodised programme.

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