Something to think on…..meditation

So I have been listening to a great podcast this week from Open Mat Radio about Nic Gregoriades.  This guy is a Roger Gracie black belt and has a really interesting and resource rich website the Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood.

On the podcast he talks about how meditation plays an important part in centring him and creating focus, that helped in his jiu jitsu.  I had spent a couple of years when I was younger attending a Zen Dojo practising meditation so I was aware of the benefits it had previously had. Listening to the interview reminded me of how it helped clear and focus my mind so I decided to go for it again.

I know how hard it is to start meditation, so I wasn’t setting myself any major targets.  I decided on 10 minutes as a good starting point.  To fit it in  and to start a positive new habit I decided to do it at lunchtime at work.  So all week I have been secreting myself somewhere quiet and having 10 minutes of meditation.  The first few days I could not manage the full 10 minutes.  At about 7 minutes my mind started to take over and started to notice some discomfort and thinking about work and I could not let these thoughts go.  But after these first few days, I managed to got for the full 10 minutes.

I have actually started to notice some benefits after only one week.  I have been more focused in the afternoons and I have felt less weary when leaving work.  So I am really pleased with the current effects and I am hoping my mental focus will get even better with continuing practice.

I am hoping that the practise will also calm my brain when I’m drilling and rolling.  I hope I’m not just the only who’s brain starts threshing when you either have a complex technique to drill and you have to contextualise it.  Or that point when you have a guy full of testosterone poisoning trying to take you out.  I hoping the meditation will lead me to a quiet mind that can focus.

Just another aspect of my life that has improved thanks to taking up BJJ, as I honestly don’t think I would have gone back to meditation without this reason.

As part of my research for this I found a good article on meditation for BJJ is here at the BJJ Way.

This is also an interesting article on the Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood on how Jiu Jitsu is Meditation

I also found an article here that shows over thinking is bad for sports performance


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