Month: April 2013

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet………

So I went to the physio this morning.  He is happy with my scapula movement and I have now been promoted to a blue theraband.  Whoop six weeks to a blue band!  However the band news was that he recommends that I wait to go back to BJJ for another eight to ten weeks.  To this Old Munki that seems like an eternity to wait to get back on the mat.  But I am looking on the bright side I have a target so I can start working towards that.  He did say I cold go back to the gym and lift weights, within the limits of what feels comfortable for my shoulder.  This means that I can start working on my upper body strength, which will vary up my gym visits that have all been cardio and leg based up to now. So this makes me feel better and I now also have my yoga.

So all in all I have a great preparation programme to get me ready to get back on the mats, with a perfect adaptation time to start getting my body physically prepared.  I am going to work on two 4 week mesocycles.  The first one being strength endurance with a relatively low weight or bodyweight.  With the second cycle I am going to move into a hypertrophy cycle.  This process including the yoga and a couple of sessions of high intensity interval training, will prepare my body (especially my shoulders) for BJJ. It will put me in a position where I can start the programme I have worked on for whilst I am training BJJ.


It may not be BJJ, but the amount of downtime I have had over the last 18 months, it is the step before getting back on the mat and it is a necessary step for my my own peace of mind.  After everything I’ve been through I don’t to cause any damage that put me back on the operating table.  I am really glad I have been able to get something positive out of what at 9.00am this morning was a disappointment.

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Love your sweat…hot yoga rocks

So yesterday I went to a hot yoga class.  As I am restricted in what I can do training wise, I was looking for something that I thought would be a challenge but also a benefit.  I know a lot of BJJ guys are into yoga for flexibility, balance and other benefits. I also felt like doing it in a really hot room as well, would definitely be the challenge I was looking for too.

Let me say the staff at the venue were really nice and helpful and the instructor was in my opinion, was good too. She did introduce herself by saying, “I’m an Ashtanga Yogi so I can be a little hardcore”. Yeah at that point I was wondering what have I let myself in for?  One hour in a room of about 50 people thats heated to 40 degrees Celsius is hard work in itself, without throwing in the yoga as well.  But then thinking would my Chimp let me bail appropriately in a room full of women.  Being an Old Munki I put my sensible head on and controlled my chimp.  So I had to bail on a few of the postures as my healing shoulder could not manage it, which I am glad about as I wanted to enjoy it and not hurt myself.  As I have to still keep my shoulder safe at the moment as it is still strengthening, being sensible was the best option. But I could feel the effects on my body, to be honest I can still feel how well it has worked my muscles today.  But it was great fun, enjoyable and whilst I can’t roll seems like a good option.

I can see why yoga is a good complementary exercise to BJJ.  Besides the flexibility benefits the postures work at a level aimed at total body control. This is reflection of what I am trying to achieve with my drilling.  So it looks like until I get back on the mats this could be a lower impact alternative to get me mat ready.

If you are considering going to a yoga class I would definitely recommend it, hot or not it seems to compliment BJJ well.

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Good habits are not for naughty nuns

This is nothing about religion, but today I have had the all clear from the doctor following my shoulder operation and now I’m in the hands of the physiotherapist. So this is good news, but I’m still not able to get back on the mats or really lift anything, bad times. I’m also coming to the end of my first week back at work following the two months off with the surgery, which has been really hard as I’ve been getting headaches and sore eyes, (no idea why).  So now I am just considering what I can do in the meantime before I can start lifting and rolling.  I pretty much restricted to squats and interval training with a spin bike, as I can’t run comfortably yet.  It’s not the greatest work out but it keeps me ticking over and putting on too much weight. However I am going to try some hot yoga this weekend.  I have done yoga before and I did enjoy it, so I am hoping this is a low impact activity until I am able to get back to normal.  I am also hoping that it will improve my flexibility for BJJ and my shoulders’ range of motion.

I have however realised that this is probably the most dangerous time for me now.  Whilst I was off I could go and do my lower body workout a few times a week at any time I wanted.  Now I have to fit it in around work.  As I don’t see this particular workout as it’s a bit dull, I have to really push myself to try and get to the gym.  It would be easy to slip into a habit of going home and slobbing in front of the TV. I know I can’t get into this negative habit as I will be hitting the mats after work so I really need to keep on top of this.  I must remember mats good, sitting on my ass bad! I am focusing on staying positive and looking forward in the next couple of weeks to getting my gi on and getting back on the mats, even if it only once a week in a private. Good times and I can’t wait.