The Old Munki challenge

So I have mentioned that I have “raging arthritis” and as an old munki I’m awaiting one more operation on my right shoulder to fix it and clean it out.  However this weekend I was able to do a back squat for the first time in many many years.  I’ve not been able to do them because my shoulders would not previously rotate enough, so I could hold the bar on my back.   I have done deadlifts and struggled with some front squats and I just gave up on the back squat.

I recently bought some of these grip trainers and I have been using them in the gym.  I bet you have guessed where I am going with this.  I realised that I could use these to hold the bar on my back.  So for the first time in about 20 years I did back squats.  This might not be a big deal to most people but to me, it was achieving something. It has given me a really positive outlook as I had overcome a long standing barrier.

So I decided that 2013 is the year that I am going to start to achieve things.  From little acorns and small wins big things grow.  I know it may sound cliche, but you can’t talk about something like this, without sounding like a self help book. My actions may not be big or spectacular to others but I know that each one will mean something to me and that’s what counts really.  So I have set myself the target of one achievement a month and thought my voicing it on here will make it real and obviously stick to my target, as I will be able to look back at the end of the year and review them.  This could be in connection with my training or any aspect of my life, just so long as it has a significant impact on me and my life.

Last year wasn’t a great time for me and for quite a few people around me.  I was determined to make this year a positive and better one and this is the motivation to start that snowball rolling, so it gathers some pace as I achieve more.  I use the hashtag #challengeyourself a lot on my tweets and I believe that this target is a good and positive challenge to have.  Oh yeah and most of all I’m gonna make sure I have fun doing them all!



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