Resolutions sometimes they end up out of focus

So as 2013 starts and the excess of the festive season has now passed a lot of people start to consider new year resolutions.  As all the research shows despite everyones best intentions these eventually fail.  So instead of setting yourself targets too high, how about changing some little things that are still going to have a big positive impact on your health.

1.  Improved Sleep

On average we should get around 8 hours of good sleep a night.  This helps with your body’s recovery from training and day to day stresses. One way to help with sleep is to reduce the amount of light in the bedroom.  So this means no TV in the bedroom and blackout blinds to stop any ambient getting in through the windows. There is a nice little sleep profiler here from the BBC.

2. Diet

Now this does not mean dieting, it means cleaning up your existing diet.  If you look at what you eat honestly you will know what is junk  and what is really good fuel. So why put junk in your body if you want to get the best out of it?  I’m not advocating a specific fad diet here.  I have made it clear that my preferred way of eating is the paleo method. If you are interested in that here is the quick start guide. But simple changes can be easier, so work on limiting your junk intake may be preferable.

3. Have Fun

Make sure your training stays fun. Dr Ralph Smedley said “people learn most in moments of enjoyment”.  Fun is not so much something you say or do as an atmosphere or state of mind you create for yourself.  Don’t start pushing yourself into too much, which is one I’ve definitely been guilty of before now.  Starting the year with a bang and then physically fizzling out as I can’t manage the pace.  Keep it fun and you will keep going back, you’ll learn more and even take it on board.  Even if you start slow you can build up, which is probably healthier for you any way.

If you do decide to make any changes with the new year I hope they are successful!!

Keep munki-ing



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