Cuddle a kiwi to help you sleep

Ok so a lied a little in the title, you don’t actually cuddle the kiwi fruit you eat it.  But there has been a study that has proven that eating 100g of kiwi fruit (2 medium sized kiwi fruit) one hour before going to bed can help with sleep.  When you read the actual study it was only conducted on a small sample of people, but the science behind why the kiwi fruit works seems really sound.  Apparently kiwi fruit are melatonin boosters, which is the hormone that helps with sleep.  Handy if you’re in need of a good nights sleep.  They are also high in Magnesium which helps you relax.  This little green furry fruit are sounding pretty good right now, to an old munki that gets stressed at worked, over trains and has trouble getting a decent nights sleep.
So I thought I would give these little critters a try last week and they actually actually worked.  Who would have thought it.  I have tried the protocol and it really helped my sleep, I slept really deeply and soundly.  Alternatively I have not had them and sleep returned to my normal sketchy tossing and turning.  So as a self experiment the protocol does seem to work in real life.
So if you need some help in this area I would definitely recommend giving it a try.  It s something I would cycle though and not keep taking constantly.

The link to the pubmed article is here

Hhmmm yummy sleepy time!!!!


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