Month: October 2012

Keep it playful

So I mentioned in my last post the Metamoris Pro Event.  One of the fights on the card was Ryron Gracie vs Andre Galvao.  Ryron has not competed for many years and Andre has I list of current titles to his name, so it was a very anticipated bout.  For those of you that did not have the bananas to trade for this event the You Tube video of this particular bout is below.

It was a good match and Ryron kept to his keep it playful ethos.  Which I personally like as a Jiu Jitsu ideology.
The Gracie Brothers themselves have done a great breakdown of the contest which I have also included below.
I do like the way these guys break things down they are always informative and you get some great insights.  I hope you enjoy both videos.

Getting my stretch on oohhh yeah baby!

I was out on Sunday with Mrs Munki at a Thai Boxing inter club.  Despite being a bjj munki now, I do know a bit of striking, I need to, to keep Mrs Munki at bay during an argument.  I was fascinated and actually surprised by the number of athletes that were static stretching prior to a fight, including bugger my bananas Mrs Munki. When I pointed out she has a sports science degree and as a high level field coach, she would not let her athletes do that. Her response was, “I know what works for me so I’m doing it!” Yes all those years at university boiled down into such a compelling retort.
 I know there has been a lot of debate on the static – dynamic stretching issue, but I believe that most coaches are on the dynamic side for warm up purposes. Thats why I was surprised to see Mrs Munki doing it. However it would appear that traditional old skool martial arts appear to be using old skool training methods? It seems because it has always been done that way it is passed on coach to student.

Why am I bringing this up? I hear you cry or at least mumble.  Well I amongst many others I stayed awake until the early hours to watch the metamoris pro bjj event.  Whilst watching the countdown videos, two of the participants Andre Galvao and Roger Gracie both showed that the olympic lifts were part of their training, which for elite athletes is awesome to see that they are taking their strength training seriously.  When you consider that for the likes of Chris Hoy, Usain Bolt and Gemma Gibbons this would have been a standard part of their full professional periodised strength and conditioning programme. As BJJ would be considered a young sport in the grand scheme of things, it has a great opportunity to integrate modern training programmes for its athletes and it was great to see it happening at such a high level.

However whether you are elite or not don’t do the same for your support training as you do with you BJJ and evolve a programme that will work for you. You don’t have to be an elite athlete to take advantage of a periodised programme. You can be an old beginner like me, as basically it just stops you getting physically screwed up with training and real life. I don’t know about you but I’ve ended up missing weeks of training due to just doing too much. My body just says F*^k you and I end up sick or injured.

Getting your support training right can help in many ways, weightlifting help testosterone and bone density, besides strength benefits. A bit of sprinting to keep your speed, co ordination and balance up.  All important as you become an old Munki! Training smart can start any time and can set you up for life and support your goal of improving your BJJ.

This is the Metamoris Countdown for Roger Gracie I mentioned.

Cuddle a kiwi to help you sleep

Ok so a lied a little in the title, you don’t actually cuddle the kiwi fruit you eat it.  But there has been a study that has proven that eating 100g of kiwi fruit (2 medium sized kiwi fruit) one hour before going to bed can help with sleep.  When you read the actual study it was only conducted on a small sample of people, but the science behind why the kiwi fruit works seems really sound.  Apparently kiwi fruit are melatonin boosters, which is the hormone that helps with sleep.  Handy if you’re in need of a good nights sleep.  They are also high in Magnesium which helps you relax.  This little green furry fruit are sounding pretty good right now, to an old munki that gets stressed at worked, over trains and has trouble getting a decent nights sleep.
So I thought I would give these little critters a try last week and they actually actually worked.  Who would have thought it.  I have tried the protocol and it really helped my sleep, I slept really deeply and soundly.  Alternatively I have not had them and sleep returned to my normal sketchy tossing and turning.  So as a self experiment the protocol does seem to work in real life.
So if you need some help in this area I would definitely recommend giving it a try.  It s something I would cycle though and not keep taking constantly.

The link to the pubmed article is here

Hhmmm yummy sleepy time!!!!

Why am I doing this

I have tried blogging previously and failed miserably, however at this point this old munki needs to focus his thoughts.  I have been training in BJJ for about four years, but I have spent half this out with broken bits and I am currently a few weeks away from shoulder surgery, which will have me out of training for another three months.  Yes awesome!!

I have armed myself with plenty of books and videos so I can keep learning, even if I can’t train.  I have learn from the last time.  Yes I went through the same surgery at the beginning of the year, so I am preparing for my recovery.  Besides the books and videos, I have a supply of collagen tablets, krill oil, udo’s oil all of which was recommended to me by the instructor on a recent kettlebell course, who was my age and had gone through similar surgery and recovered a lot quicker than I did the first time. So I have some hopes that my munki ass will be back in the gym and on the mat a lot quicker than last time.

My post op wounds, they don’t look much but it took a long time to recover.

I actually enjoy the learning, challenging and lifestyle aspects of BJJ so I really want to put some efort into it, even though I am 42 I have aspirations of maybe competing one day.  Yes I have a full job, which is a lot of responsibility, but after the surgery I am going forward with dedication for my health and training.  So I thought putting down my munki musing will help me with this.  If monkeys can write Shakespeare I might eventually come out with something either usefully or interesting to someone else.

Throw me a banana if you have any comments.